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David Broom
Next Big Thing

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PostSubject: Bwahahaha!   Fri Sep 30, 2011 12:28 am

David Broom and Laken just saw what Phillip Phillips had to say during intermission at another SWE house show, watching it on David's android as they're waiting to board their plane at the airport to get to Showtime tomorrow night. They're laughing like hyenas at what Phillip had to say.

That's it?! Hahaha! "They're the same thing."

Yeah, that's all he can come back with? Let me spell it out nice and slow so that he can understand. A... whore... does it... for... money. A... slut... does it... for... pleasure. Also... to qualify... as either... a slut... or a whore... you... have... to sleep around. I... have only... been with... David.

And yes, Phillip, we're well aware that when someone buys your T-shirt, SWE makes money. However, I'm sure you've heard of these things called royalties. I was born at night, but not last night. We all know deep down that you get a good chunk of change in royalties whenever merchandise of yours is sold. And if you don't, then I highly suggest you get better at your negotiating skills so that you're not taken to the cleaners, which is what Luke and I plan on doing to you and Anton tomorrow night. See you then.
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