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 I'm Honest About It

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David Broom
Next Big Thing

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PostSubject: I'm Honest About It   Thu Sep 29, 2011 9:10 pm

David Broom and Laken are standing by in front of the SWE banner at The Studios in Las Colinas, which SWE has rented out for this promo. David and Laken have seen the promo that Phillip Phillips cut at a recent SWE house show and are ready to respond. David is dressed in jeans and a blue Josh Hamilton Texas Rangers spring training baseball jersey, while Laken is dressed in short denim shorts and a white Tony Romo Dallas Cowboys jersey.

Phillip, Phillip, Phillip. You just don't get it, do you? You say you're not in it just for the money, and that you really do care for the fans and not just their money. Yet what's the first thing you're doing out there? Pimping out your merchandise. Why don't you just ask them to send you $1,000 and they'll be wealthy like you, Phillip? As for you insinuating that it's me that's in this for the money... Well duh, aren't we all?! I mean, if we're not winning, we're not getting the winner's share of the purse. And if you're not in this for money, then you're pretty foolish. I mean, who's going to pay your bills? Not to mention all the other great things that come with being a winner and making money. But you see, unlike you, I'm honest and upfront with everybody that I'm in this for the money. Yes, I love wrestling too because I love the feeling of superiority one has when they kick someone's stinkin' teeth in. But I also love the money that comes with it.

And Phillip, can you make up your mind if I am a whore or a slut? The two are totally different you ignoramus. A whore sleeps with everyone in town for money, which by the way, was what David's parents were involved with, trafficking that sort of activity, and finally got arrested for it. A slut sleeps with everyone in town for pleasure. See, big difference. And even if you do manage to make up your mind which one you think I am, you'll be wrong because David has been the only man I've ever been with in my life. He was my first, and will be my only one.

P2H, there's a New Era in town. Unfortunately, you guys will not be a part of it. We're bad... Bad to the bone.
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I'm Honest About It
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