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 Essence of Excellence

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Luke Lethal
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Luke Lethal

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PostSubject: Essence of Excellence    Essence of Excellence  I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 28, 2011 7:59 pm

Last week Luke Lethal went up against Phillip Phillips in a one-on-one grudge match. It was a epic bout that could have gone either way. But at the end of the match Phillip Phillips claimed the win. But this Friday Night on Showtime Luke Lethal will settle the score, but this time it will be in a tag team match.

"Pain" by Hollywood Undead blast throughout the arena. The fans give Luke Lethal a unbelievable amount of heat. But he just blocks out all the booing and chanting from the SWE fans. He walks out from the curtains wearing his wrestling attire. He walks down the ramp with a sick look on his face. He walks up the steel steps and into the ring. He gets a microphone and begins to speak.

Luke Lethal
"Last week on Friday Night SHOWTIME I lost to Phillip Phillips. The crowd cheers But Phillip didn't beat me because he was better than me, no he beat me because of luck!"

The crowd boos

Luke Lethal
"Phillip don't think for one second you can beat me. Because I know, you know, and even these hypocritical fans here in attendance and around the globe watching this knows that you can't beat me. See Phillip your win against me was a fluke, nothing more..but a fluke! And that's why David and I will beat you and your little buddy Anton Hinston. Then we'll go down in history as the first ever Sinister Wrestling Entertainment Tag Team Champions!"

Luke paces around the ring a few times before talking again.

Luke Lethal
"See Phillip and Anton, me and David will do to you what we should have done last week, and that is end both of your horrible careers! See SWE is like a jungle, and what that means is that only the strong will survive. And what that means is that while all these other ass-clowns fall down to there pit-fall of failure New Era will rise to the pedestal of success!"

The crowd boos and Luke smirks.

Luke Lethal
"Listen I know all of you don't like it, but it will happen! It will happen because it is New Era's destiny to dominate the landscape know as Sinister Wrestling Entertainment. Just like it's David Broom's destiny to become the SWE Television Champion and for me, Luke Lethal to become the first and only Sinister Wrestling Entertainment World...Heavyweight...Champion!!! And just like it's P2H's destiny to get the hell beat out of them by New Era and go into early retirement! So Anton and Phillip don't go into our match thinking you will end up victorious, because there is no defying DESTINY!!!"

Luke drops the microphone and walks out the ring. He walks up the ramp and into the stage and taunts the crowd before he goes backstage. The scene then fades to black.

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Essence of Excellence
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