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 TV Champ Speaks

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PostSubject: TV Champ Speaks   TV Champ Speaks I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 27, 2011 7:30 pm

(Sean Classic is backstage with his Television Championship. He has a big smile on his face and he begins speaking)

So Sinister Wrestling Entertainment, It looks like that your boy Sean Classic is making headlines and he is making history! I became the first ever champion here in SWE and I plan on holding this championship with strength and honor. Mercy Montanna seemed like he would put up a great fight, and he did, but he just didn't have enough things in his book to defeat me. You may have the likes of Phillip Phillips, Luke Lethal, Anton and David Broom but there is only one man in this federation who has been able to prove himself from the very begining and that is me. I have a chance to go inside of that Sadistic Six match and do something phenomenal, break more SWE records and shock the fans like no other man in this federation can do.

I can become your World Heavyweight Champion and I can officially declare myself the king of SW Entertainment. Now, since I am getting ahead of myself, I am up in a match against a man who calls himself the Anti-Christ of SWE. Real clever Mister Paradox, you see, I've always seen these type of characters enter pro wrestling and they never seem to make a direct impact. They always lolligag and most of the time they are usually all talk. I didn't get to see Raymond's match last week but I know for a fact that David Broom destroyed him. Which ultimately means that I will be able to knock you down with the snap of my fingers. David Broom got that easy win over you and now he is number 1 contender for MY championship? Ah, he shouldn't be getting no where near my championship because he needs to do alot more than beat a superstar who can't even open his mouth. My plans are simple, go out there, entertain, and kill off that competition. Raymond Paradox you are in for a beating, don't say I didn't warn you. THE SHOW STOPPER HAS SPOKEN!

(Sean Classic holds up his title as the camera fades to black)
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TV Champ Speaks
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