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 An Old School Debut

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Eli Thomas
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PostSubject: An Old School Debut   Sun Sep 25, 2011 10:51 am

A song, consisting mostly of a 3-minute long guitar solo blared through the PA system. The music was unfamiliar, so the crowd was fairly quiet. Finally, the music's accompaniment walked out to the stage. It was a hairy man in wrestling gear holding a microphone, who actually looked fairy old. The crowd seemed slightly disappointed.

Don't worry folks, I'm not that old. I'm not like Hogan, I know when to stop.

He lowered the microphone then walked down the ramp. He neared the ring and made his way up the steel steps before entering through the second rope. He walked over to the middle of the ring, then faced the crowd as he started talking.

Now, you all may or may not know me. This certainly isn't my first time wrestling. If you don't, allow me to introduce myself. I'm Doug Davis. Dangerous Doug Davis.

He paused and grinned. The crowd was a little louder now with a mixed reaction, but still fairly silent.

Now, I was just reading the match card, and it turns out I'm facing the other new guy. Ace Anderson, he calls himself. What a stupid name...

He paused again to catch his breath.

Anyways, you're all probably thinkin', "oh, another match, how unique". Well folks, don't get too disappointed yet. Not only is this both of our debut match, but it's a no-disqualification match. That's right. Me whuppin' Ace's ass with a steel chair isn't only allowed, but encouraged.

He grinned. The crowd cheered, but mostly only due to the fact that there would be a no-DQ match.

So, Ace, here are my words of advice for you: just quit now. Because when you're getting in the ring with me, you're not just getting in the ring with Doug Davis. You're dancing with danger, and believe me, that's not something you want to do.

He lowered the microphone then handed it to a SWE employee before exiting the ring and walking back up the ramp.
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An Old School Debut
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