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Luke Lethal
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PostSubject: Motivation   Tue Sep 20, 2011 10:08 pm

The scene fades in from black. The camera is looking over the thousands of SWE fans in attendance for the second edition of Friday Night SHOWTIME. The time has almost come for the show to finally start, but before the show airs Luke Lethal wants to tell all the fans what's in store for them tonight.

"Pain" by Hollywood Undead echos throughout Webster Hall. And immediately the fans begin to boo. Luke Lethal begins to walk from out of the entrance curtains in his wrestling gear. He already has a microphone in his hand and he begins to talk as he walks down to the ring.

Luke Lethal
"Last year in the Month of January I wrestled my first wrestling match in a company named Xtream Wrestling Federation. There I quickly made a name for myself by defeating every opponent I was put up against. While in XWF I won my first championship, the XWF European Championship. I was the second and last person to hold this title until the company went under. So being the gifted individual I am I quicky got signed to another company called Radical Wrestling Federation. I dominated that company for the whole month of it's existence. After that I decided to take a break from wrestling for a while.
Luke enters the ring When I came back from my hiatus I signed a contract with Progressive Heights Wrestling. That company never even got off the ground so I up and left. I wanted to find a company that was worthy of my skill. I wanted to find a company that had some of the top talent in the business today. And that's when I got...the call. That's when I got the call from Mikey Millender. He talked to me about his company Sinister Wrestling Entertainment. With no hesitation I told him that I would sign with SWE because I knew that SWE is where I could become the greatest wrestler that has ever laced up a pair of boots!"

The fans begin to boo at Luke when they hear of his ultimate goal of becoming the greatest of all-time.

Luke Lethal
"Now if any of you ungrateful ass-clowns in attendance were listening you would have heard that I only won 1 championship in my career as a professional wrestler.-"

The fans start chanting "you suck".

Luke Lethal
"None of you will be saying that when I win the Sadistic Six match and become the first ever Sinister Wrestling Entertainment World Champion!!!"

The fans begin to quiet down and Luke Lethal begins to speak again.

Luke Lethal
"See Phillip Phillips I have worked my ass off all my career trying to get where I am today. And there is no way in hell that I'll let some Canadian ass-clown stand in my way in achieving ultimate glory. Tonight Phillips you will have your little friend in you corner cheering you on, but Phil you better believe that I will have someone in my corner watching my back as well. So Phillips tonight you better give me everything you got and then some because if you don't your career will get cut very...very short!"

"Pain" by Hollywood Undead replays and Luke drops the microphone and exits the ring. He walks down the ramp with a smirk on his face. He heads backstage and the scene fades to black.


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