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 Let's up the Ante!

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Luke Lethal
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PostSubject: Let's up the Ante!   Mon Sep 19, 2011 9:56 pm

The camera fades in from black. Luke Lethal is seen standing in the middle of the ring at a SWE House Show. Every member of the SWE Universe is booing at Luke Lethal at the top of their lungs. He's wearing an all black short sleeved shirt, blue jeans, and all black Nikes. With a microphone all ready in hand he begins to speak to the SWE Universe.

Luke Lethal
"You must be the most ungrateful fans I have ever heard in my entire existence on this planet! Please don't tell me you guys are still mad at me for what I did to Phillip Phillips last week?"

The fans start to boo at Luke after he mentioned the LA Screw Job.

Luke Lethal
"Well let me tell all of you something. What I did to him on SHOWTIME last week will pale in comparison to what imma do to that ass-clown this Friday Night. See Phillip I didn't come down to this ring just to rant on and on about how I'm going to beat you because I already know that I will beat you. Phil I came out here to raise the stakes just a bit. Phillip instead of facing off one-on-one in a normal Grudge match how about we face off in a match where there is No Disqualifications and No Count Outs. Lets clash in a match where you can pin in the ring, out the ring, in the arena, out the arena, in the street, or even in a bathroom. Phil lets go head-to-head in a Falls..Count...Anywhere Match! Phil I'm up for it. I just need to know are you? Phillip the ball is in your court!"

Luke drops the microphone and exits the ring he heads backstage and the scene fades to black.


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Let's up the Ante!
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