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 Man of the Hour Meet the Man of the Century

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Luke Lethal
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PostSubject: Man of the Hour Meet the Man of the Century   Mon Sep 19, 2011 2:25 am

Last week on the historic episode of the first ever Friday Night Showtime we saw Mercy Montana defeat Daniel Red, Sean Classic kick the lights out of a local wrestler from Los Angeles, and Anton Hinston defeated Phillip Phillips. But everyone isn't talking about any of these matches, no they're talking about Luke Lethal "screwing" Phillip Phillips out of his victory. So based on the Los Angeles Screw Job Luke Lethal will clash head-to-head with Phillip Phillips in a classic "Grudge Match".

"Pain" by Hollywood Undead blast throughout Webster Hall. The fans give Luke Lethal an immense amount of heat. He's guessing the SWE fans in New York doesn't really like him. He walks out from the curtains wearing an Prince Fielder Home Jersey, Blue Jean Shorts, and Blue and White high top Nikes. He walks down the ramp not showing any type of an expression on his face. He walks up the steel steps and into the ring. He obtains a microphone and begins to speak.

Luke Lethal
"Is that the way you people treat champions around here? Cause if so all you need to change you attitude and show your future SWE World Champion some respect!"

The fans begin to boo at Luke Lethal.

Luke Lethal
"That's more like it. Now last week I came out here and told each and every one of you Luke points around Webster Hallthat I would make a very big impact on Showtime. And as a man of my word I made a impact...a big one at that. See last week in the main event between those bozos Phillip Phillips and Anton Hinston I kinda got involved with their match by pushing Phillips off the rope and into the table, but I mean wasn't that match boring anyway. I mean those two acted like they didn't want to hurt each other because of their little friendship. So I took the liberty in spicing up their match just a bit.

Luke lowers the microphone and smirks before raising it back up and talking again.

Luke Lethal
"But instead of being named the bad guy in this situation I wanna revert to what happened last week. See after I pushed Phillips off the ropes and into the table his so called friend Anton Hinston took the easy way out and pinned a defenseless Phillips therefore getting the 1..2..3. But after the match instead of attacking me and helping his friend Phillips out he just up and left the ring. Phillips either Anton doesn't care about you or you two have some very weird friendship where when one of you gets hurt you don't do anything, but go back to the locker room. I mean if you were my friend and someone tossed you off the top ropes I would beat the hell out of the guy who just attacked you, but I guess that's just me."

Luke paces around the ring for a couple of seconds before talking again.

Luke Lethal
"See Phillips you may think you're ready for me in our match, but your not. Phil you can try every match tactic there is in the book to prepare for a guy like me, but Phil there is no and there will never...ever be a wrestler who will posses the skill set that I have. That's why you won't beat me Phillip. That's why you won't ever beat for as long as you have a wrestling career! So when we have our match at Showtime Phil you will be up for a very rude awaking".

Luke drops the microphone and exits the ring. He heads backstage and the scene fades to black.


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Man of the Hour Meet the Man of the Century
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